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Agency of Plant Protection and Quarantine of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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Logistics companies

Today, logisticians are forced to call exporting companies and offer their services. If there is a ready-made list of exporters planning to export in the near future, indicating the type of product and the date of shipment, the work of logistics companies will also be greatly facilitated. Through our platform, logistics companies can offer their prices to exporters.

Sellers of seeds and seedlings

There are a number of large companies in Uzbekistan that import and produce seeds and seedlings. Each of them has ready-made plant care guides. But many farmers do not have access to such information. Through our platform, experts can offer their products and advise farmers who apply to them.

Packaging companies

Export cannot be carried out without high-quality packaging of products. As a solution to this problem, our platform focuses on the services of all sorting and packaging enterprises in the territory of Uzbekistan.

Plant Clinic

As you know, land plots on the territory of Uzbekistan are divided into several types in terms of climate. Our platform provides interactive online consultations by professional agronomists who are deeply versed in these functions.

Agricultural machinery

For the convenience of our dehkans, online trade in the products of companies selling agricultural machinery has been established on the territory of Uzbekistan.

Insurance companies

In developed countries, insurance companies have long been an integral part of the agro-industrial export chain, but in our country insurance exists only as a part of cargo transportation. At other stages, insurance companies do not participate and explain this by saying that there is a very high risk.We want to include several insurance companies in the Assalom Agro platform to minimize risks.In this way, we will help exporters to properly build the export chain


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